"Industry-leading quality"

INTEC's advanced engineering and procurement capabilities have a profound effect on all stages of construction.

The achievement of high quality and excellence in construction starts with a perfect design. All short-term and long-term risks are assessed in detail and mitigated during the design phase. Each process is meticulously standardized during the implementation phase to ensure maximum efficiency, following a holistic quality monitoring approach. In the first project development phases, we analyze a wide range of data to ensure a structured and optimized project process and schedule, thus reducing the risks to our customers and the on-time delivery of our projects.

At INTEC, the health & safety of our team and the maintenance of a high-quality working environment are our highest priorities. Correspondingly, our team's adherence to the company pledge to provide a "safe and healthy environment for all" ensure the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) rules and regulations are applied in full in all our works, while quality is assured in accordance with the related standards.