"Adding Value to the Sun"

INTEC Energy Solutions delivers best-in-class Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), Consultancy, and Operation & Maintenance services to its customers; develops, and builds high-quality full turnkey solar power plants around the globe.

INTEC is one of the pioneering players in the renewable market with its proven track record of more than 3.1 GWp of secured pipeline and constructed solar power plants.

“Leading Solar EPC System Provider”

At INTEC, our highly qualified experts develop optimum solutions with a view to creating a sustainable future. Our experienced team continuously expands their knowledge through research and by keeping a close eye on the latest developments in the renewable market. Developing industry-leading sustainable solutions for future generations is one of our goals as a company.

“Trust in Power of German Engineering”

Built on the foundations of German solar power plant planning and implementation experience, we offer our customers cutting-edge smart energy solutions that will both power the future and decarbonize the world. Our sustainable, eco-friendly solutions are designed for maximum energy output and efficiency while effectively negating any collateral impact on the environment.

INTEC provides full-service support to its customers, delivering best-in-class results from the initial design and realization phases to the final operational implementation, with maximum efficiency.