INTEC Introduces a New Project in Italy, with a Total Capacity of 12.45 MWp for KELAG

INTEC Energy Solutions (INTEC), a leading solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) systems provider, continues its steady growth with strategic collaborations. INTEC has embarked on an EPC service endeavor for a noteworthy project in Jalmicco area (Friuli Venezia Giulia region), Italy, boasting a substantial 12.45 MWp capacity for KELAG, Austria's leading energy service provider.
The Jalmicco Project is anticipated to yield an impressive annual capacity of 16.08 GWh of green electricity upon completion. This energy output is sufficient to cater to the annual energy needs of over 5000 households. Beyond addressing immediate energy demands, the project aligns with sustainability objectives, aiming to curtail carbon emissions. The project is crucial in fostering a sustainable future, with an estimated 3.5 thousand tons of CO2 each year.  The Jalmicco Project is set to cover an area of 12.43 hectares, showcasing a total peak power of 12.482 MWp.

INTEC CEO Adrien Joseph expressed his pleasure: "As INTEC, we are delighted to announce our latest project in Italy for KELAG. Through this endeavor, we are furthering our commitment to advancing sustainable energy sources and mitigating carbon emissions. With the Jalmicco Project in Italy, we are taking another significant stride towards ensuring the continuity of this effort in Europe and around the globe."
More about the Partner Companies
INTEC Energy Solutions strives to create the highest quality solar power plant solutions and deliver the best to its customers around the world. The company specializes in offering EPC and O&M services to the market, drawing upon the skills and experiences of its team of 700-strong professionals. INTEC is operating in various countries and has successfully delivered more than 168 projects to date, providing a total of 2.2 GWp.
Kelag Group stands as a prominent energy service provider in Austria, operating across the nation in electricity, gas, and heat sectors, with a particular emphasis on Carinthia. Established in 1923, the company boasts a rich history and expertise in generating, procuring, distributing, and selling grid-bound energy. Kelag has positioned itself as a major contributor to Austria's renewable energy landscape, ranking among the country's foremost producers of electricity derived from sustainable sources such as hydropower, wind power, and photovoltaics.


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INTEC Introduces a New Project in Italy, with a Total Capacity of 12.45 MWp for KELAG