INTEC has launched new offices in the Nordic and Baltic Countries!

INTEC Energy Solutions proudly announces the establishment of four new offices in the Nordic and Baltic Countries, furthering our commitment to sustainable energy solutions and strengthening our global presence. We are delighted to unveil our latest offices in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, and a newly added location in Latvia. These strategic moves are integral to INTEC's global expansion strategy, fortifying our foothold in key markets and enabling us to serve our valued clients and partners better.

Denmark Office
As part of INTEC's strategic expansion plan, the new Denmark office solidifies our presence in the Nordic region. With over 168 successfully executed projects across Europe, Asia, and Australia, INTEC has been a steadfast player in the solar industry. INTEC specializes in consultancy, EPC, and operation & maintenance, delivering high-performance solar systems committed to quality, safety, and sustainability. The Denmark office aims to cultivate enduring partnerships with local stakeholders and contribute to the green transformation of the Nordic energy sector.

Sweden Office
Our newest office in Sweden is a focal point for INTEC's activities in the Nordic region. With projects totaling 64 MWp in Sweden, the Sweden office is part of INTEC's strategic expansion plan to offer high-quality services and solutions in the Nordic energy sector.

The newest offices in Estonia and Latvia have been added to our presence in the Baltic solar market with our existing Poland office where European Headquarters is located.

Estonia Office
Expanding our reach in Europe, the new office in Estonia is part of INTEC's strategic plan to grow in the Baltic region. With a proven track record of over 2.2 GW installed and secured capacity, INTEC is poised to offer high-quality EPC and O&M services in Estonia and its neighboring countries.

Latvia Office
Aligning with the regional expansion strategy, Latvia offices have been opened following the Estonia office. This strategic move further reinforces INTEC's commitment to providing top-tier solar solutions and services in the region. The Latvia office will be an essential part of our mission to contribute to the sustainable development of Latvia and its neighboring countries, aligning with our dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability standards.

With these new offices, INTEC looks forward to deepening partnerships, advancing renewable energy, and expanding our portfolio of innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our discerning clientele across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

INTEC has launched new offices in the Nordic and Baltic Countries!