Energy Efficiency of Solar Panels in Winter

Energy Efficiency of Solar Panels in Winter

In this blog post; we will tell you the energy efficiency of solar panels in winter.

Solar energy very benefits for businesses and homes. Also, it is renewable and sustainable for the environment. This is the main reason for many people around the World are investing this industry.

Although solar energy is green and efficiency energy for the World, the people who living in cold countries has some concerns about solar energies winter performance. When we look at working principles of photovoltaic panels, there is not necessary to concern can be seem easily.

As long as the daylight is on, the solar panels that can generate electricity and maintain the same efficiency in the winter if their maintenance is done properly.

Affects of decreasing performance during winter

Days are short than summer season. Thereby, the active hours of photovoltaic panels are less but it is not about cold temperatures.

This problem can also be solved by solar panels that provide high light absorption. Even in a country like Germany, which does not see much daylight in winter, electricity is produced from solar panels. This problem can be overcome with high-quality photovoltaic panels that capture the incoming light from all angles and minimize the reflection.

Snow stacked on solar panels

In a snowstorm, your solar panels can be covered with snow. You can easily clean all these snow thanks to the surface of the panels. You only need to be careful not to scratch the surface of the panels during cleaning. You can also call professional assistance for more effective cleaning. INTEC Energy Solutions also provide professional support in this regard.

In the case of light snowfall, the snow is already melted or slip and fall from the panel. In addition to this, a snowy ground has some advantages for produce electricity. The effect of albedo further increases the amount of radiation and affects the electricity production positively.

You can find the precautions for saving efficiency below;

  • Pay attention to the angle of your panel

Therefore, it is better to set your panels at a higher angle. This means that photovoltaic panels can produce maximum energy during sunny hours. If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, make sure your panels are looking to the South, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere, the panels have to look to the North.

  • Don’t use digging or shovel when cleaning snows

If photovoltaic panels are embedded in the ground as a result of a heavy snow storm, do not try to clean the snow with your hands or with a shovel. Because cleaning with your these can damage the surface of the panels and cause you much more cost. Instead, work with a professional team to clean the snow.

As a result, even in a snowy weather, your solar panels can continue to generate electricity efficiently. You don’t need to live in a place that has much sun for efficiency. As we mentioned above, Germany’s annual sunshine rate and Alaska’s sunshine ratio are almost the same. Today, however, Germany is one of the countries that use solar energy most.