INTEC is an international EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) company developing precise, high-performance projects for substation installation and providing energy solutions and services that expand the use of solar and wind power. We provide solar energy consultancy service also.

Our expert engineers and consultants provide professional support at project design, analysis, and implementation phases. Our team monitors all technological developments and applies the latest industry developments combined with their extensive know-how.

INTEC Energy Solutions provides high-powered consultancy services to its customers with a primary focus on the quality value, performing exhaustive data gathering necessary for everything from site selection to operations phases for wind and solar power plant projects. Our consultants complete every project efficiently, effectively, and error-free, maintaining a professional manner grounded on the latest research.

We empower our sustainability concepts with cutting-edge tools and software, utilized by our experience and innovative insight.

Consultancy Services (Engineering & Project Management)

  • 11 MW / AMASYA
  • 9 MW / ELAZIĞ
  • 7 MW / KAYSERİ
  • 6,5 MW / SARIOĞLU
  • 5 MW / KUWAIT
  • 4,6 MW / İNCESU
solar energy consultancy
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