For solar energy projects, INTEC handles all stages of design, in engineering, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Energy-efficient principles underlie all our designs, procuring the highest benefits of solar and wind power systems that derive from natural resources while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint.

Working on both commercial and utility scales power plant, INTEC Energy Solutions has expertise in ground and rooftop installations, allowing us to offer best-in-class EPC solutions and project management service to project developers and system integrators.

When you partner with INTEC for your energy solutions, you enjoy superior engineering capabilities and higher return on investement via sustainable power plant projects.

Combining solar and wind power generation means we take into account the economic and environmental advantages of this dual power sourcing, meeting the global energy demand while maximizing power output. In this way, we assure a more livable future for generations to come.

Convenient Solutions with Global Impact

As your trusted solar energy EPC partner, we turn your solar power plants investment into profit sources.

We develop engineering capabilities, grow the industry, and expand economic opportunity in the most challenging work conditions across the world, designing projects according to the strictest standards. Our services are comprehensive across project development, construction, and operation sectors.

All projects are optimized to create the most positive environmental impact possible while delivering quality results.

Leveraging our professional team of experts who stay current with all technological developments, INTEC supports all project design, analysis, and implementation phases.

We provide consulting for every essential project stage, from site selection to operation in solar and wind power plant projects, prioritizing quality production and partner values.

All feasibility studies and the subsequent project design process are completed perfectly and seamlessly with the support of all available detailed information and documentation.

aerial view of solar energy generating station

Rooftop Solar Projects

Maximize your energy efficiency with roof solar energy systems

Ground Mounted Solar Projects

Use your land in the most efficient way, generate electricity yourself with on-grid and off-grid systems

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