Earthquake in Turkey And Syria

As people in Turkey were hit by two earthquakes of a great magnitude, affecting more than 10 cities and neighboring countries along with Syria, Turkey has declared a fourth-level alert state which includes an international call for help.

As INTEC, we are contributing to aid formations with the guidance of public authorities and non-governmental organizations. Also, we would like to reach our network to share information about trustworthy organizations accepting donations to help with rescue efforts and offer essential requirements and recovery services to people who are evicted from their houses in this bitter cold. Please do not hesitate to send your support also via trusted aid organizations in your country or internationally.

For all your donations;

T.C. İçişleri Bakanlığı Afet ve Acil Durum Yönetimi Başkanlığı - AFAD
Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, an institution working to prevent disasters and minimize disaster-related damages, plan and coordinate post-disaster response, and promote cooperation among various government agencies.
For details: https://en.afad.gov.tr/earthquake-humanitarian-aid-campaign

A non-profit organization with 13,000 volunteers and one of the first responders to any disaster in Turkey.
For details: https://ahbap.org/disasters-turkey

Türk Kızılay
The Turkish Red Crescent – KIZILAY is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Turkey and is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.
For details: https://www.kizilay.org.tr/Bagis/BagisYap/405/donations-for-earthquake-in-pazarcik

AKUT Search And Rescue Association
AKUT is entirely a voluntary, non-governmental organization involved in searching, assisting, and rescuing all who require aid within its authority and means, in mountain or other nature-related accidents, natural disasters, and all other emergency conditions by means of trained, disciplined, high-standard personnel and equipment, passing on knowledge to society with no political affiliation.
For details: https://www.akut.org.tr/en/donation

Earthquake in Turkey And Syria