What is the Solar Tracker System?

What is the Solar Tracker System?

Solar tracker system, in its simplest definition, is the movement of photovoltaic panels by following the sun all day long. The solar tracker system optimizes itself to the sun all day long and maximizes the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels.

Means of the more steep angle of the photovoltaic panel is more energy produces from the Sun. Solar tracker directs the photovoltaic panels to help steep this angle.

There are two types of solar tracker systems: Single-Axis, Dual Axis.

The single-axis solar tracker system moves the panels in one direction. North-south direction or east-west direction.

The biaxial tracker allows the panel to move in all four directions. This type of system is designed to maximize the electricity generated from solar energy throughout the year. Especially in places where the sun angle changes seasonally, the use of this system increases the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels. For example; The use of biaxial panels in places such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Northern Canada, and Russia, where the position of the sun and the angle of arrival of the rays change frequently during the year, will maximize the efficiency of the sun.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Tracker System

The main advantage of the solar tracker system is the high increase in energy production and efficiency. As mentioned above, it is one of the best methods for regions with high latitudes.

To their disadvantages, these are undoubtedly high installation and maintenance costs. The solar tracker system contains more moving parts than a flat system. (motor and shaft system) This means a more complex structure than a fixed solar panel technology. Therefore, the maintenance cost of this system will be higher than the flat systems. Another disadvantage is that it is too heavy to be used especially in residential roofs. Although the solar tracker system can be installed according to the type and strength of the roof in the factories. If the solar tracker system will be installed for the house, it will be necessary to use floor-mounted photovoltaic panels.

As Intec Energy Solutions, we implemented the solar tracker system in our Sakaka project with 102 MW power.