Six Benefits for the Nature of Solar Energy

Six Benefits for the Nature of Solar Energy

1-) No mercury pollution.

According to recent reports of the United Nations, mercury pollution on the surface of the oceans has doubled in the last century. One of the major causes of this pollution is fossil fuel power plants. Only energy source of solar panels is the sun, they do not cause any pollution to the environment and therefore no mercury pollution. It is completely clean energy.

2-) No acid rains.

Smoke from fossil-fueled power plants has traces of sulfur a little bit. With the help of the winds, the sulfur that enters the air can cover long distances in the atmosphere. This causes acid rains. Acid rain also causes significant damage to forests, lakes, rivers and people. Solar panels do not release any harmful, toxic gas into the air, they do not cause a problem such as acid rain.

3-) No water pollution.

The power plants that use fossil fuels are using water with high level for cooling systems. Used water leave back to rivers, lakes and sea. Due this recycle, water temperature increases and it is harmful for eco-systems of water.

4-) No radioactive pollution.

Nuclear power plants does not cause carbon emissions as well as fossil fuel power plants. However, this does not make nuclear energy clean. Because nuclear power plants produce radioactive waste that insoluble in nature for thousands of years, which seriously damages the environment. In order to keep these wastes without harming the nature, concrete is poured on the soil. This situation causes economic collapse. Solar energy does not cause such pollution. The only source of solar energy is the sun, and even a 1 watt photovoltaic panel absorbs light from the air and generate electricity.

5-) Safe for wild life.

Solar energy panels install for once and doesn’t harm to wild life

6-) No dictate to people.

There are many warnings for convantionel fuel’s harms, affect to environment and dangers. Solar energy doesn’t dictate to people what they must to do. Just use the sun and generate clean energy for humanity.

As INTEC Energy Solutions, we are aware of our responsibilities to the environment. We promise that we will do our best to ensure that future generations benefit from this uninterrupted power supply.