Importance of Land Selection in Solar Energy Projects

Importance of Land Selection in Solar Energy Projects

With the development of technology, the idea of generating electricity with solar energy systems has started to increase against the energy need in our lives. The fact that solar energy has the potential to meet the increasing our energy needs, has also extended the project development services for the installation of power plants and systems.

Thus, with the increasing expansion of the solar power plant sector, there is a need for professional support for the projects to be developed. At the beginning of the project, the issues to be considered during the land selection stage;

Solar Potential Situation: One of the first requirements for land selection for solar power plant is the situation of solar potential. In the city where the plant will be installed, the more solar radiation is meaning the more energy will be produced.

Soil Structure of the Land: The topographic structure of the land where the plant will be installed is also important. As the land is rocky, the correction works (excavation) to be carried out and the selection of the construction materials to be used for the project will vary depending on these factors.

Shading Status of Land: When choosing land for the solar plant, it is recommended to examine the area around the land you will purchase. In particular, a formation that will shadow the land will reduce the efficiency you get from your solar power plant. For example, if there are long and large trees and high voltage lines over or near the terrain, they will have a negative impact on your panels and energy efficiency. (Building, mountain, hill, etc.)

Land Pollution Status: The current situation of the land to be purchased for solar energy should be well analyzed. If there are facilities that will cause a high percentage of dust content such as concrete batching plant, quarry or sand quarry near the land, these dust will be transported to your solar panels by wind. In this case, if your solar panels are not cleaned frequently because they will be contaminated, your plant will be seriously damaged.

The Relationship of the Land with the Energy Transmission Line: After the installation of the solar power plant, it is necessary to connect the power transmission or transmission lines to the point indicated by the distribution company.

Land Conditions of Land Compliance: While selecting the land for solar power plant, the area of the land is very important. It is possible to determine the location of the land in sunny, foggy, rainy and snowy conditions within 1 year and to obtain meteorological data. For this reason, it is important to choose the right place for your production facility by considering the weather conditions.

Transportation Situation of the Land: One of the other considerations is transportation. If the access to the land is difficult, then the labor and transportation costs at the initial investment cost will be higher. Solar panels, construction teams and equipment, transformers and pavilions, such as transportation of heavy equipment due to terrain conditions should be taken into consideration.