"Best Alternative for Sustainable Success"

The solar energy systems of INTEC's customers are subjected to regular monitoring and maintenance. We also provide PV Module cleaning services. Our critical tasks also include performance monitoring and output follow-up.

We believe in providing a better quality of life to our clients through the increased energy efficiency of our solar energy systems, while ensuring also environmental sustainability. In the provision of professional service, INTEC uses only practical and well-established techniques.

In the O&M Services sector, INTEC offers its customers:

  • Online monitoring
  • Panel cleaning, troubleshooting, repair, energy analysis, commissioning/recommissioning
  • Performance improvement
  • Site Acceptance Procedures / Site Acceptance Tests
  • Protective and corrective maintenance & repair services
  • Enhanced and preventive maintenance & repair services
  • A-to-Z underwritten technical services
  • Maintenance & repair management and reporting
  • Protective maintenance & repair optimization
  • Corrective maintenance & repair
  • Claims & license management
  • Inventory management & procurement
  • Vegetation control