"Strong partnership from the beginning"

Our core promise to our customers is that we will maintain an environment of trust and transparency to seek balance in the presence of competing interests. Thanks to our highly qualified and professional in-house engineering team, we are able to offer premium services through the best EPC solutions anywhere in the world.

At INTEC, we make a firm commitment to our customers at the very start of our relationship to bring maximum value in the most cost-effective way. Our specialists propose the most reliable workflows and pay the necessary importance to every aspect of your solar energy systems.  

Our ability to support you in various fields ensures the creation of the most productive and long-lasting turnkey solutions.

Our experience and strong relationships with distribution network operators (DNO), and our understanding of the permit conditions, allow us to support the entire permit process.

Our experienced engineers approach every project efficiently and effectively, maintaining a professional manner that is grounded on the latest research. We empower our sustainability concepts with cutting-edge tools and software, drawing also upon our experience and innovative insight.