2019: Milestone for INTEC

Dear colleagues, business partners and friends of INTEC Energy Solutions,

We are approaching the end of year 2019 and would like to share with you our companies’ achievements. Firstly, we would like to thank all our engineers, managers and workers for their hard works and dedications towards the success we achieved this year.

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important all over the world. The development of photovoltaic panel technologies and record-breaking Wp prices accelerate this change. On the other hand, in addition to technical and economic conditions, new generations warn all states about climate change and record-breaking temperatures in Europe as well as all over the world accelerate this change.

INTEC Energy Solutions is an engineering company that is aware of the risks that the world is facing climate change. We continue to offer the best offers to all the companies we are partnering with in dealing with these risks and proud to be a part of the solutions.

We Completed over 200 MW Projects in 2019

Together with our global offices in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, we completed more than 200 MW solar power plants, we also energized our largest PV Project 102MW located in Saudi Arabia 6 weeks ahead of time.

Photovoltaic systems can now work more efficiently than in the past. INTEC engineering team continued to offer its customers the most appropriate cutting-edge technology solutions in terms of efficiency and cost effectivenes.

Little Note for New Generations

We need to better explain to younger generations that the renewable energy and its advantages to our Earth. Moreover, we are responsible for leaving a more livable world for future generations. To this end, in 2020, we will engage in more social and e-interactive activities, especially for engineering students. We continue to create and develop resources that they can benefit.

2019: Milestone for INTEC