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What is Floating Solar Plant?

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Floating solar power plants consist of solar panels installed on a floating structure. Floating solar power plants are more advantageous than ground-mounted projects, here are some of them; Water is a natural cooler in nature and photovoltaic panels have an ideal operating temperature and in this temperature, photovoltaic panels are working with the highest efficiency. […]

2019: Milestone for INTEC

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Dear colleagues, business partners and friends of INTEC Energy Solutions, We are approaching the end of year 2019 and would like to share with you our companies’ achievements. Firstly, we would like to thank all our engineers, managers and workers for their hard works and dedications towards the success we achieved this year. Renewable energies […]

Why Gulf countries choose renewable energy

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There are many renewable energy projects in the Gulf countries. Because of many advantages and fighting with global climate change, many Gulf countries, as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, choose renewable energy. The use of renewable energies is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, especially in Europe. The reason for this popularity is […]

Solar Energy for Agricultural Fields

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Sustainable agriculture is an issue that needs to be emphasized for the continuation of ecological life and continuity of access to healthy food. In addition to maintaining farm profitability, it is also important to minimize environmental damage. Of course, while doing all of this, energy needs to be sustainable, that is, uninterrupted. To prevent such […]

Solar Monitoring System

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Regardless of the size of the solar power plants, they can achieve their real efficiency with accurate planning. The type of cable, construction, inverter and photovoltaic panel to be used in this planning should be determined according to the field conditions. Once the correct parts have been assembled, it is necessary to see and watch […]

What is the Solar Tracker System?

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Solar tracker system, in its simplest definition, is the movement of photovoltaic panels by following the sun all day long. The solar tracker system optimizes itself to the sun all day long and maximizes the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels. Means of the more steep angle of the photovoltaic panel is more energy produces from […]

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