INTEC is a company which develops high-quality turn-key solar power plant solutions for international ultimate investors, and which steers the future with its service concept shaped around the German engineering and assurance, developed with a focus on environment-friendly approaches and energy efficiency.

Positioning its focal point towards the systems to maximize its life cycle performance and investment return, INTEC is an EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) company independent from manufacturers.

Acting with a focus on environment-friendly approaches, INTEC provides energy solutions to international investors with its power-plant installation projects, at design, construction and production phases to provide power generation from natural resources. Leveraging on its extensive experience in ground and rooftop installation, as well as its specialized team, INTEC provides full-scope services for investors and project developers in project management and EPC solutions.

Mitigating the natural damage, and developing system solutions to allow for maintaining the balance of the world and deriving high levels of benefits for investors, INTEC provides service as a professional EPC company with a focus on customer satisfaction.

aerial view of solar energy generating station
14Years Experience
1150000Installed PV Modules
681000MWH Annual Energy Production
15Countries Active

  • Quality is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Quality work reduces cost, improves efficiency, and satisfies our customers.
  • Quality doesn’t just begin with Q…it must be followed by
  • We never settle for “good enough”

Our Values

Quality – Everything we do keeps the perspective of being responsible for our customers as a top priority.

Satisfaction – We do everything possible to deliver unmatched value to our customers in every level and at every stage of the projects we provide across the globe.

Innovation – We cannot remain an industry leader unless we constantly adopt superior technology, strategies, and philosophies to support ever-evolving performance standards. We strive to be the best among the best and maintain oversight of cutting-edge innovations in the EPC market and across the solar and wind power industry as a whole.

Our Philosophy

We enable ongoing growth and development by focusing on our mission and values while delivering our energy solutions and services to our customers.

We achieve controlled, sustainable expansion while remaining grounded on the corporate principles of responsibility toward our customers and employees in everything we do.

Our values guide all our processes as we work to streamline the delivery of top-quality energy solutions to our partners, satisfy our stakeholder demands, and support our staff.

650000Avoiding CO2 Emissions (Tons)
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